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3 mistakes to avoid when planning your French wedding

Planning a dream wedding in France is an exciting adventure, but there are some important things to keep in mind to make your special day as magical as you envision. Let’s delve into three common mistakes to avoid when arranging your French celebration. Expecting things to be in France the way they are in your […]

Real wedding planning, The practical stuff

Our guide to efficient guest communication for your destination wedding in France

Planning a destination wedding in France is an exciting adventure, but wedding planning in France or anywhere else comes with its fair share of organizational challenges. Ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your guests requires meticulous coordination and clear communication. As always, the more prepared you are, the easier the process. Below is […]

Real wedding planning, The practical stuff

How to create the perfect Provence wedding day schedule

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and it deserves to be planned with precision and care. If you’ve chosen Provence as your wedding destination, then you’re in for a treat. To ensure your special day flows seamlessly, hiring an experienced and seasoned French wedding planner can make all […]

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The civil marriage requirement in France

If you are considering getting married in France, this is a piece of information that you need so you can best plan your wedding. In France, Church and State are separated. This means that a marriage at the town hall is not recognised by the Church, and that a marriage at Church is not recognised […]

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Planning your wedding in your home in France

If you are getting married and own a property in France, chances are that you are considering to hold the party in your French home. Here are a few tips on what is possible in France and the challenges that you might have to face. A WEDDING CEREMONY IN FRANCE If you own a property […]

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How to plan a Church wedding ceremony in France

If you are planning your wedding in France, you are probably already aware of the difficulty for non French citizens to have a legal town hall marriage ceremony in France. The easiest option is then to have a town hall wedding in the UK and to have your ceremony, religious or not, in France. Once […]

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Getting married in France or how to make it a great experience for your guests

For couples getting married abroad, the most important thing is to make sure that their guests have the best possible experience participating to their big day. Here are a few tips to ensure that your guests have the greatest memories of your wedding… Get your guests excited For some guests, travelling abrad for your wedding […]

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How to get married in France

Dreaming of a destination wedding in France ? Et Voilà ! is a French wedding planner agency based in the UK. Thanks to our knowledge of the country and of the French culture, we are able to help brides and grooms-to-be organise their wedding in France, French style included, while meeting them easily and as […]

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French wedding traditions

After having seen a bit of everything on the Internet, from an apparently old tradition where the French bride cuts off some white ribbon before entering church, to the kitsch idea that the French newly weds drink from an engraved double handled goblet during the reception to symbolise their union, I thought it might be […]

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The French wedding procession

Getting married in France ? Maybe this is the opportunity to twist things a bit and surprise your guests by entering the Church the French fashion way… Entrance order*: Mother of the bride and father of the groom Groom and his mum Bridesmaids and groomsmen Grandparents of the groom Grandparents of the bride Brothers and […]

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