Getting married in France or how to make it a great experience for your guests

1st June 2012

For couples getting married abroad, the most important thing is to make sure that their guests have the best possible experience participating to their big day.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your guests have the greatest memories of your wedding…

Get your guests excited

For some guests, travelling abrad for your wedding might mean a lot of planning ahead (travel, car rental, hotel booking,…). So make sure that you share with them your excitement about the place where you are getting married ! This can be by giving them hints on the beautiful venue you have chosen, on the activities around, on the climate there, and on how nice and sweet their time there is going to be.

Take them somewhere easily accessible

Although travelling through the French countryside is always a nice adventure, not many people enjoy hours and hours of travel, especially for a short stay. If you can, choose a venue that is not too far from an airport or a well served train station, and make sure you provide your guests with clear travel instructions.

Make it easy for your guests

By giving them all the information they need at the right time. You do not need to give them the addresses of where to rent a car to get to your wedding a year in advance. But on the other hand there is no use in giving this information too late either. Make sure that your guests have all the information they need when they need it.

Make it more than just one day

Of course it is about this one day, the day that you are going to get married. But how nice would it be to take this opportunity to share with your guests what you love about the place you have chosen to exchange your vows ? To do so, prepare them a little guide of the region with the things to do and see, and make it as easy as possible for them to wonder around and discover the area. If you are organising a rehearsal dinner and/or a next day brunch, do not hesitate to organise these in different places so your guests get to have various experiences.

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