Keyword of the week: French bridesmaids tradition

3rd October 2012

Keyword of the week is our brand new recurring blog post. Each week, we will get back on a keyword entered on Google and that led the searcher on our blog. This week we have had a research on French bridesmaids tradition, so let’s tell you more about that.


So, to answer to the bride-to-be who would like to learn more about French bridesmaids tradition, in France there is no bridesmaids as the ones you would have in the UK. As part of the procession, French couples would have flower girls and page boys, usually aged 3 to 10, walking before the bride and her father. The bride and the groom would then each have what we call “témoins”, which means witnesses. The “witnesses”, between 2 and 4 per wed-to-be, are there to witness the marriage. Their role on the day is to stand near the bride and groom as they exchange vows and to sign the marriage register.

That said, more and more French couples get inspiration from overseas and provide identic or similar outfits for their witnesses, just as you would with bridesmaids and groomsmen. They still do not take part in the procession though.

I hope this answers the question!

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