Sourcing your make up and hair stylists in France

16th September 2013

Among all the vendors involved in the planning of a wedding in France, sourcing the right hair stylist and make up artist is probably one of the most chalenging and stressful part.

Firstly, because you hair stylist and make up artists HAVE to speak English. Trying to explain how you would like your hair staighten but not straight, wavy but not curly, structured but not rigid to seomeone who does not speak a word of English will prove very, very hard.

Secondly because these artists who work solo do not necessarily have a great website that you can easily find on google, or even just a website. Some absolutely great artists work only from word of mouth and just don’t need to show on the first page of google searches.

Finally, because you can have the most beautiful dress, your hair and make up are the elements that enhance your bridal glow, and therefore your whole image on the day.

So how find the perfect hair and make up artist? Ask around, ask your other vendors, look for recommendations on blogs, and once ou have details of a few people call them up to know more about how they work, their style and what their experience is. When seeing photos of their work, look at the techniaue rather than style. If all the photos are of very tight updos with lots of gel and you are after a very natural, romantic hair do maybe this person is not right for you. But if the hairstyles, different to what you would like, are completed with a god technique, do not hesitate to give the airstylist a ring.


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