Planning your wedding in France from London

30th January 2013

Planning a wedding abroad, even as close as France, can be at the same time very exciting and quite scary.

At Et Voila, I see many couples who are dreaming of getting married in France but are a bit scared that they will not be able to source the right suppliers there, or that it would be too complicated not speaking the language to get French wedding vendors to understand their expectations.

The good news is: planning a wedding in France IS challenging, but still very doable! And it is getting much easier now thanks to The French Wedding Show.

I have created this show to give brides and grooms-to-be an opportunity to meet my best French wedding vendors, those I work with or have been recommended by partners and would definitely consider for my couple’s weddings. The vendors on the show are on invitation only, so they are real recommendations from us. We have selected them according two criteria: Quality and suitability to International couples. We have invited the best wedding vendors in our book, providing a high quality service that answer your needs as a destination couple.

So at the show, you will meet with local vendors (from Paris, the South West and the South East) who are recommended by a wedding planner and used to work with International couples. We hope to see you there!

Learn more about the show here and book tickets there.