An oh so elegant wedding in Paris by Et Voila Weddings

19th October 2016

N&J flew all the way from foggy San Francisco to get married in the city of lights. After getting engaged in Paris nearly a year earlier, they could not think of anywhere else to say their “Oui”.

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For them we coordinated the whole day over Skype only as the couple was not able to travel to Paris for their planning. We met them for the first time 2 days before their wedding, which was quite emotional after all this time of planning via computers!

The couple was after a central Paris location with some outdoor space with views of the Eiffel tower, and for them we suggested a beautiful, one of a kind, Parisian palace: the Shangri La, seating right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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The event started with a unique and one of a kind ceremony in the rotunda of the hotel, which had never been done before! Then the guests were invited on an intimate private terrace for some drinks, canapés and caricatures while the couple was on a couple shoot around the city.

Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings160 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings133 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings108 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings112

Dinner was held in the most magnificent “grand salon”, with its beautiful mantel piece, cristal chandeliers and gold ornaments. This is one, if not the, most beautiful classic dinner room in Paris. During dinner guests were entertained with a bit of jazz music, until the arrival of the ruffled, nude ombré wedding cake and a group photo in front of the sparkling Eiffel tower at midnight!

Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings140 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings136Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings144 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings146 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings179 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings176 Luxury-destination-wedding-Paris-Franc-etvoilaweddings185

Photo credit: Catherine O’Hara