Your French wedding seating plan

28th June 2011

Guests not finding their seats, going from table to table to find theirs, or all gathering at the same time around the seating plan, trying to see where they should go over one another’s shoulder… This is exactly what you want to avoid on your wedding day !

Et Voilà Weddings gives you its secrets to a good seating plan.

Where You have prepared a seating plan to help your guests find their seats for dinner. Your plan should be displayed inside or outside the dining area, but not right at the entrance to avoid creating a bottleneck right when you would need people to get seated. Display your seating plan in an open space where several guests can consult it at the same time without walking on each other’s feet.

When Leave your guests some time to consult your seating plan before calling them for dinner. If possible, display your seating plan during the pre dinner cocktail reception.

How Yes to creativity, but not at the expense of efficiency. If you have got more than 10 tables, organise your seating plan in an alphabetical order. For smaller numbers, you can display the seating plan per table. The rest depends on your colour scheme, theme if any and style of your wedding, as always… For a vintage theme, why not have a pannel decorated with flowery fabric or lace; For a marine theme, courtesy cards planted into a long tray of sand…

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