Keyword of the week: French wedding first dance

24th October 2012

Keyword of the week is our Wednesday blog post. Every Wednesday, we will get back on a keyword entered on Google and that led the searcher on our blog. This week we have had a research on “French wedding first dance”, so let’s tell you more about that.

French weddings and British weddings are similar in many ways, but not on the first dance… In France, the same way as the father of the bride gives her away at Church, he also gives her hand to the groom for their first Bride and Groom dance, but only after having had a last dance with his daughter first. It is usually a very emotional moment for the bride and her father.

The first dance in France is traditionally a waltz. After dinner the father of the bride would invite her for a waltz. After a couple of minutes the groom would join the dance floor with his mother. Then the father of the bride would take her to her groom and give him her hand. The bride and groom would start waltzing together and the father of the bride would invite the mother of the groom. After a couple more minutes the guests can join the dance floor.

If you are getting married in France, opening the ball on a waltz with your dad is an option as a borrowed French tradition and it is a very emotional moment that you will remember always. You can learn to dance with a private teacher, or if you are naturally good at dancing you can learn from youtube!

Here are a few ideas of waltz to dance on:

Chopin – valse de l’adieu

Chopin – Nocturne en mi bémol majeur

Strauss – Le beau danube bleu

Tchaikovsky – valse des fleurs

Chopin – op.69 n02

Shostakovitch – la deuxième valse

Strauss – valse de Vienne

Tchaikovsky – Le lac des cygnes

Strauss : Dorfschwalben aus Osterreich Waltz opus 164