How to plan a Church wedding ceremony in France

15th August 2012

If you are planning your wedding in France, you are probably already aware of the difficulty for non French citizens to have a legal town hall marriage ceremony in France. The easiest option is then to have a town hall wedding in the UK and to have your ceremony, religious or not, in France.

Once you have a proof of marriage from the UK you can have a Church ceremony in France. It is then a matter of finding a Parish that will marry you.

Finding a Parish might not be easy depending on the area you are looking to get married in. In some regions, there are not enough Priests and too much demand. Priority is then given to local weddings and some Parishes tend to refuse to marry non local couples. In this case, it might be helpful to offer to bring your own Priest in.

If you are planning to get a Church ceremony in France, make sure to look into Parishes at the same time you look into venues so you can visit both and make sure that a Church wedding is possible near your venue. Do not hesitate to ask your Priest at home if he would be available to fly to France to marry you, this might help you get a Church, and this will also mean that you will get a ceremony in English…