French dress designers in London – Ugo Zaldi

20th November 2011

Ok, that is a little bit cheating, as the designer is Italian… but the brand is French! Olivier and David Gabison , two French brothers, were the first to showcase Ugo Zaldi’s creations in Paris. They created the brand with the idea to make luxury fashion affordable… and it is still their philosophy today.

Ugo Zaldi’s bridal collections are always very chic and contemporary. They are made for the modern and fashion-conscious bride. For 2012, floaty silk chiffon, tulle and crepe create a romantic collection with a sexy, glamorous egde.

Where to find your Ugo Zaldi dress in London:

Blackburn Bridal

Bridal Rogue Gallery

Full list of all the Ugo Zaldi retailers in the UK here.