Finding the right wedding DJ in France

9th June 2012

We can never say enough how crucial a good entertainment is for your wedding’s evening party. The day goes by so quickly that you will really want everyone to stay for as long as possible, and this will only happen if you provide your guests with good music to keep them going until the little hours…

The best way to be sure that you have the right DJ is to know of one, one that you have met at another party and liked so much that you would like to book him/her for your wedding. Unfortunately this is not always possible. But fortunately there are other ways to find Mr DeeJay right.

1/ Ask for recommendations : friends of friends who got married and had a great DJ that you could contact and maybe bring into your venue.

2/ Ask for samples of his performances : Good DJs should always have samples of their performances for you to listen to. These can give you an idea of what he/she does.

3/ Do not think that a DJ with different tastes than yours can do the job : Taste is a very complex thing and people will always tend to go for what they personally think is good. If you find a DJ who plays in clubs and loves electro when you are more traditional, going for someone with similar tastes and views will be much less risky.

4/ Think about the equipment : Without sound and lighting even the best of DJs is worth very little. Your DJ should be able to advise you and to include the sound and the lighting in his quote.