Coronavirus update for your wedding in France

16th April 2020

This week we have had a few updates from French President E. Macron about the coronavirus situation, lock down and end of lock down objectives in France.

What we know as of today

France announced on Monday night the country is aiming at waiving the lock down gradually from May 11.

This means that there could be delays if the numbers are not satisfying, that not everything will re open on May 11, and we don’t know when travel to and from France will be eased (at the moment only intra European travels are possible for work or family/urgent reasons).

Hotels and restaurants will not be among the first businesses to be allowed to re open on May 11 and the government will make weekly assessments from May 11, so we will have updates on this by mid/end of may.

Large gatherings such as festivals will not be allowed until at least mid July. Do weddings fall under the large gathering definition… we do not really know.

What the above could mean

  • The lock down will be gradually waived from May 11 at best. It is reasonable to thing the process will take a few weeks before everyone – except the most vulnerable people- will be able to move freely.
  • We do not have information on wether weddings will fall into the large gathering definition so we are not yet sure wether these will be allowed before mid July. We will know more in May, but it seems reasonable to say that weddings until the end of June will need to be postponed.
  • We do not have information on travel restrictions, but it is reasonable to think that borders will not re open straight away after the end of the lock down. Travel within the European union may be eased straight away, with travels outside of the European union re opening gradually. This could mean that couples travelling from outside the EU will be last to be allowed to travel within the EU.

Need support?

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