Ciara O’Shea : Make-up artist

11th April 2011

This week, Et Voilà ! has interviewed Ciara O’shea, a renowned make up artist, on the perfect 2011 bridal make up.


EV : What are the 2011 trends and how to adapt them to a bride make-up?

CO : Spring Summer 11 is all about perfect bases, its as much about what skincare you use to prep the skin as it is about the foundation you use to enhance it. This season is also all about colour accents, be it bold or pastels. Both are worn with a renewed freshness and pared down skin making them feminine and forward thinking.  Born with it bronze is also hot this season, think satiny honey tones, subtly sculpted beauties.


EV : Lips or eyes: how chose which to enhance on a bridal make-up?

CO : I always say go with your strength. If you have great lips, play them up, if your eyes are your strongest feature then enhance them. Do not, as I see many brides do, try to  “fix” a feature. If you have naturally thin lips, pilling on the bold, matte, long wearing colour is not an attractive look. It will make the lips look small, dry and receding. It is much better to wear a coloured balm or gloss (beware of gloss and wind /veils) to give the appearance of a plumped up pout.


EV :What is your secret for a beautiful skin?

CO : Skincare. A good skincare regime (do not get this confused with an expensive skincare regime) is key. You cannot have beautiful skin without it. It is so vital to cleanse and moisturize  twice a day, everyday. If you have dry skin you may need to add in a serum under your moisturizer and perhaps a hydrating mask once a week (twice if things are serious). For oily skin, add a mattifying toner and a clay mask.


EV :  How to best prepare your skin for a long lasting make up?

CO  : Again skincare is key. If you have the right regime then your skin should hold the make up for a long time without the addition of extra products.  Long wear products are of course key. Use a formula that has extra hold (normally oil free) and apply with caution and care, taking your time to build up light layers rather than pilling it all on at once. Go for matte finishes and powders for the best result.  If you have dry skin you can still use these type of products, jut make sure you have a Hydrating Water on hand to spritz over the top to keep the make up looking fresh (I couldn’t live without NUDE Skincare’s Hydrating Water)


EV : How to hide an imperfection so it does not show on pictures?

CO : We live in the age of High Definition, which is an unnecessary evil in my option, how and ever it is the way the world is moving, so it is more important than ever to get your make up application correct. If you are having a professional apply your make up for you on the day, ask them to airbrush you, it has the best coverage, longest hold and the most natural finish of anything I have ever used.  If you are doing it yourself then go for a full coverage, dry concealer such as Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.  It has a superb range of shades and amazing coverage. Its best applied with a synthetic brush.


EV : How often should a bride get her make-up touched up?

CO : Depending on the application and skin type, this can be between 0 – 4 times throughout the day. I have had many brides write to me and tell me they did not have to touch their make up after I had left (just before the bride walks out the door to the ceremony) I have also had Brides where I have stayed the entire day to help them touch up and subtly change their look, from natural to smokey, as the day progresses. If you have very oily skin and you are doing your make up yourself then you will most likely need to touch up at regular intervals, about every hour or so, depending on the time of year. If you have dry skin and your skin tends to soak up product quickly then the same will apply to you. This is where airbrushing is a godsend, as it stays put and looks great all day no matter.


EV : Can you recommend a good waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes?

CO : It can be tricky to find a great waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes. The key here is to look for one without any fibers.  That will mean most volume enhancing formulas, as fibers are what make the lashes look fuller and more plentiful.  I really like Estee lauders Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara. It gives incredible length, great hold and a beautiful full finish to the lash. As with any waterproof formula it is imperative to work quickly to avoid the lashes looking dry and clumping. Always keep a lash comb or clean wand on hand to help separate the lashes should they stick together.


EV : Fake eyelashes –  for or against? Which ones would you recommend?

CO : Both. If you have short sparse lashes they can be a real miracle worker. I use Eyelure. They have a wide variety of lash types. I love the “Naturalites “ range, as it looks incredible real. It can even be used as a base lash for length with a few individual lashes popped in on top to give volume and intensity.  If you do however have a great natural lash, for-go the falsies for great mascara instead. I recommend Diorshow Mascara by Dior, Sumptuous Extreme by Estee Lauder and False Lash Effect by YSL. All great mascaras that will give you that big lash effect.


Since leaving Ireland at the age of 19, make up artist Ciara O’Shea has established an impressive global portfolio of work from the fashion industry. A regular backstage at fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, Ciara puts her knowledge of make up and trends to the service of the Et Voilà ! brides to be. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this service.