An original entertainment for your French wedding

12th September 2013

We had already written a post about live painting for weddings, which we think is an amazing thing to have on your big day: it is original, fun for your guests, and it makes a great keepsake for you once the wedding has past.

There are very few people who do live painting for events, and out of these you need to find the one whose style you like. There is one live painter we absolutely love the work of, she is based in the south of France, and we are delighted that she accepted our invitation to The French Wedding Show!

Marta will be in London on November 9 and will create before your eyes a live painting of the show! You can see how she works, how she expresses the atmosphere of an event with her brushes, how she paints the people who are there, and of course book her for your wedding anywhere in France!

Marta is internationally acclaimed for her work and she travels everywhere in Europe to paint weddings, private events, concerts,… This is a unique opportunity to see her paint live and imagine how your special day could look like on canvas…

Meet Marta and see her work at The French Wedding Show on Saturday 9 November, in London Notting Hill.