A three days wedding in France

27th May 2013

Most couples who choose to get married in France would like to make it a long week end for them and their guests. Organising a three day party enables them to make the most of their wedding week end and to spend quality time with each of their guests. So if you are looking for ideas of things to do the day before or the day after the wedding, here are a few things we can recommend:

In the South West

When planning a wedding in the south west we love to organize things around wines of course. A popular idea is a wine rally, a fun way to visit beautiful wine estates: we hire fun cars for the guests, 4 per car, and hand out directions from one wine estate to another. Each team is also given some brain-twisters for the road.  At the end of the day we gather all the answers and give a little prize to the winning team!

For the next day brunch a day around the pool is always appreciated. We can organize a lovely pic nic for example or something that relates well to the venue or the couple. If the venue is near the Atlantic we can also suggest a beach restaurant with beach games.

In Paris

In the summer, Parisians love to have a pic nic on the Pont des Arts, a beautiful bridge linking the Louvre to the French institute and certainly one of the most romantic in Paris. So why not join the party and invite your closest and dearest to a little pic nic above the Seine?

If you crave a day at the beach, you can also try Paris plage, an area where the banks of the Seine are covered with sand, palm trees and parasols!

For a more bucolic day the square at the far end of the Ile saint Louis is a great pic nic spot as well!

In Provence

There are lots of things to do in Provence, from visiting villages to hiking and lying on the beach on the nearby coast. The area around Aix en Provence and the Luberon is full of lovely villages that are worth visiting on market days, when they are the most lively. If you are getting married in St Tropez, this would have to be in Ramatuelle.

If you fancy a hike there is plenty to choose from where you can walk across vineyards and forests.

And on the wedding day

Your guests will have all met the day before in a relaxed atmosphere, which will give your wedding day a really special feel. The day can then be all about having a great time with your guests rather than saying Hi, and because you will all see each other again on the next day there is no need for goodbyes either!